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The Inshot app is a free mobile video editor software available to download from both the Google play store and the app store (on Apple). With over 100 million downloads, it truly is a popular application. Surely a free app cannot boast such a wide range of benefits. Does this editor live up to its highly rumored expectation, or is it another ad-fest?

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In short, though being a mostly free app, reserves certain pleasures for its pro users. The pro icon located at the top right of the screen offers no in-app advertisements and no watermarks, for a one-off payment of £25.49 (also has monthly and annually options). Upgrading to pro is not completely necessary but does contribute to a more desirable in-app experience.

Inshot video editor outshines its competition; due to its wide range of features such as it's apparent ability to edit videos, adapt and form photos and collages.

Once you've downloaded the app, you are greeted with a rather pleasant interface, a pink-ish colored gradient. With the main attraction being three large buttons indicated the three separate types of editing you may conduct. After clicking on your chosen form, specific permissions are requested, such as access to your gallery and media and more. Once access is granted, you can start editing!

The video app offers features including

Trim, Canvas, Filter, Music, Sticker, Text, Speed, Background, Crop, Rotate, Flip

These components are useful in its own right, enhancing your video in the way you choose. You should look out for some paid features though, which will urge you to upgrade to the pro version.

The Inshot app is very cost-effective as the only limited access feature is the filter, with a whopping 13 reserved styles. Be assured that there are still more than enough filters.

This app allows you to merge videos, simultaneously edit multiple videos at the same time and also apply your music, or choose from a wide selection of royalty-free music. A must-have app for anyone seeking advanced editing or just an extra piece of mind!


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